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Pictures of the Past

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Our football team - The Mariners
Time range:
1985 - 1999
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Mariner's Team 1994 Mariner's Football team - November 1994... (Top Left to Right:) Norman, Christopher, Noel, Keith, Steven, Jesmond, James (Bottom left to right) Etienne, Ivan, Stefan, Ramon, and myself. MAriners team, after a match at night (Winter 1995) Again our tired-looking team after a match at night (winter 1995). Here are Norman, Keith, Jesmond, myself, Stefan (goaler), Noel, Ramon (bottom left), Claudio (guest), Antoinne, Christopher and Steven 5 Aside team at St.Micheals School footbal ground You can say that here are the best 5 players. Myself (Stopper/attacker), Christopher (Midfielder/defencer), Norman (Midfielder/Attacker), Stefan (goalkeeper) Noel (Defender). I was in perfect form here, aged 20. Photo taken at St.Micheals ground in september 1994
Mariners Team in 1997 competing in a Summer league This was the first time that I managed to organise a team and compete in a amateur 7-aside Summer League back in 1997. Here are the players that formed the Mariners team: (top left) Myself, Ramon, Christopher, Noel, Chris, Norman, (bottom left)Steve Overend, Conrad, Davis, Etienne We won the SUMMER LEAGUE football tournament Guess what!!! WE WON THAT SUMMER LEAGUE!!! We were not the favourites, and in the begining we lost a couple of games, but our teamwork, dedication and effort resulted in good play, and finally we won. The decissive game was a win over the team who was first, and in that game I scored 3 goals. The score was 5-2. Anyway, here is the photo where I was awarded the trophy !!! It was my first ever trophy that I won in sports!! The Mariners Flag Here is a flag that I made for that special occassion of price giving day. I bought the cloth, made the letters with the Amiga computer, and the silvery stripes from aluminium cooking foil.
All of us celebrating Here are most of us and the team who came second together celebrating. Sorry, but the photographer took this photo out of focus It was really a perfect day and I was very happy, we then went to drink and made a small carcade in the streets!!!

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Football playing was one of my and most of my friend's favourite hobby. Thanks to a nearby ground, I and my neighbour friends used to go and play everyday. we never trained football with a club, but just from playing and experience. After some time we decided to make a team and I named it Mariners. We used to play some friendly matches regularly, especially in the early 90's Sometimes I bring a group of friends from college, or someone bring a group of friends from his work, and we organise a match, usually at saint Micheal's ground. We were quite good, and after some time we also bought a gear and paid for more professional ground to organise our matches in. However it was in 1997 that we had our climax in our history! I organised a team of 10 players which where most active and reliable at that time and participated in a summer football league tournament. This involved about 7 other teams and the league was 2 rounds. So there was plenty to play. At first we lost some games but then our strong will, effort, discipline and teamwork came out. We started to wn and win, until the decissive game arrved. We had to win the team who was first, and in fact we suceeded. I scored 3 goals in that exciting match, which I still remember well. In the first goal I was Euphoric and the 3rd goal wasa masterpiece - I scored from a vey sharp angle. The game ended 5-2. We ended first and so won a trophy each. I was so happy, and this was the first time ever we won something out of football. Unfortunately as we grow up, we lost a bit contact and did not had enough time for playing. Also, to put salt in the wound, the nearby St. Micheals ground was closed. I think it was in 1999 all this happened, and was the end of the legendary MAriners team !!!!
Photos all taken from my album.

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