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The updating and maintance of this online flora of the Maltese islands takes place in the limited free time and expenses of the author. Sponsorships, web-adverts and personal donations are the main source of financial support for the continuous progress of this website. With 25-30k visitors per month, several emails requesting information, use of photos, corrections, etc are received in considerable amount and catered dailey by the author. This is possible thanks to the sponsors and adverts of which details are given in this page. Please visit the services of the adverts and make use of them if the need arises so as it gurantess further support for the website. Advertisment or support details are given in this page. Please contact me if you are interested to support this website. Apart from the official sponsors and webadverts, the Jeremy and Kim White Foundation is proud to support MaltaWildPlants.com.

Sponsors of MaltaWildPlants.com

Malta Tourism Authority

Sponsor Date

Jun 2013


25% of project cost




The Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) has a diverse role, but one which in essence is all about creating and fostering relationships. We are Malta's tourism industry regulator and motivator, its business partner, the country's brand promoter, and are here to form, maintain and manage meaningful partnerships with all tourism stakeholders. Primarily, this means talking to visitors to the Maltese Islands, but we work closely alongside our private sector partners. More importantly, we help strengthen the industry's human resources, ensure the highest standards and quality of our tourism product, and foster relations with local and international media. The Act strengthens the public and private partnership in tourism through greater and more direct participation by the private sector in national planning and development of the industry. The main roles are:
  • to promote and advance Malta as a tourism destination.
  • to advise Government on tourism operations and to issue licences under the Act.
  • to contribute toward the improvement of the level of human resources in the tourism industry.
  • to advise government on the planning and development of the tourism industry as well as on the infrastructure supporting the industry.
We are here to assist and advise on any tourism-related issues and to undertake activities and projects to fulfil our role.

Company contacts

Electronic Contact: Contact form
Tel: (+356) 22915000
FreePhone: (+356) 80072230
Website: [ www.mta.com.mt ] - [ www.visitmalta.com ]
Customer Care: available from Monday to Friday: 08.00 - 12.30 and 13.15 - 17.00.

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Projects in Motion Ltd (PiM)
Projects in Motion Ltd. (PiM) is a multidisciplinary research organisation and cluster platform based in Malta. Here at PiM we undertake EU-funded development projects and conduct research for European and local government bodies, major companies and SMEs via a cluster approach. PiM strives to participate or manage collaborative projects that cover innovative issues related to information communication technologies (ICT), sustainable energy and social issues, mostly through transnational cooperation directed towards capacity building for R&D and policy.
Advertise on MaltaWildPlants.com
Email on info@maltawildplants.com to place your advert on MaltaWildPlants.com. which includes a graphic logo, title, link, and brief description of your business. 150Eur/year (usually I forget it and remains for much longer!)

Sponsoring MaltaWildPlants.com

Project Description:

This online document gives details about the aims of the project, technical description of the contents, presentation of the project, time allocation, expenses, project size, implementation in other services, professional validity, recommendations and awards. Click on the link below to download a full description of this research project as pdf file.
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This online document gives details about how the sponsor company name will be advertised on the website in several ways and places. Click on the link below to download a full description of this research project as pdf file.
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30,000+ visitors (900,000 hits) every month [ Click for proof and check yellow columns ]

Several keywords related to wild plants are ranked on the first result page of Goggle / Yahoo. For example keywords "Wild plants", "Flora of malta", "Mediterranean wild plants", "fidloqqom" or "lellux" results in Maltawildplants.com website ranked No.1 [ See more... ]

Maltawildplants.com is linked in popular sites like Wikipedia, Mepa, local NGOs, Plant for a Future database, EU Plant Base, Arkive, any many other such examples. [ See more... ]

Finally, the website appeared in several magazines, journals and newspapers, such as the Sunday Times, The Grip (Malta International Airport), Urbio UK, and educative books. (Read more..)


For recommendations, certificates, awards, contributions and other highlights please visit the dedicated page on this website:
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For comments written by visitors of this site (recorded up to 2011) please visit the dedicated page on this website:
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Site Highlights and statistics

Site Statistics

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30 October 2002

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8100 posts

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Supporting MaltaWildplants.com

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All this wealth of information and images about wild plants is brought to you for free. Have you ever wondered how much work, thought, web-coding, dedication and expenses are needed for such a work to be provided? Please consider to submit a donation via a secure and online form as low as 5Euro/USD to any amount you wish. You can do this by using the email info@maltawildplants.com to donate to, or by credit card using the secure link below.

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Share your knowledge

One can contribute and share his knowledge with Maltawildplants.com by submitting information about any plant species found on this site. Such knowledge includes traditional uses of the plant, locations where you have seen rare plants, new referenced information not found on the plant profile, and any corrections of mistakes that may be found. You will be referenced as "Personal communication with..." followed by your name. This can be all done via an online form found at the bottom of every plant profile.

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Everyone is invited to join the online discussion forum of maltawildplants.com. Registration is for free. Uses of this forum are: identification of plants, fungi or fauna, general discussions, organised walks and activities, sharing opinions of our local environment, report nasty stuff damaging the environment, share your photos, and such other things.

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